Allanfauld Texels

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The foundation of our flock was four gimmers and a ewe lamb purchased from Donald McPherson’s Texel flock. The gimmers bred very well and we have many daughters of these in the flock, though it was the ewe lamb MZH01086 (a daughter of Corrie Father Ted an Annan Braveheart Son) that has been the real foundation of our Allanfauld flock.

As a gimmer she was flushed to CastleCairn Hadrian producing six daughters, two of which were XMM03013 and XMM03010. The first of these two ewes produced our first ram lamb ever sold and our highest price to date, Allanfauld Limited Edition. (click on the links to view the breeding on Basco)

Stock Tup Baltier Nailer, picture taken as a shearling (August '08.)

Semen Available £50.00 per dose.


First Prize Ewe Lamb Biggar 08


Limited Edition