Hallrigg Texels

Welcome to Hallrigg Texels on texelBreeders.com. Winners of the Tinwald Points Trophy 2010 and again in 2011 and now also winners of the Medium Flock class in the Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Club Flock Competition. Hallrigg texels were reformed in 2005 after F & M with two in lamb ewes from Stonehouse dispersal sale and gimmer lambs purchased the following year from Cambwell  Brookhill and Manderlea forming the nucleus of the flock there have been other females purchased from Annan, Fourdafore, Thacka  Rascarrel and Aman.

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Hotshots Sparky Mc Fly New for 2011 by Douganhill Mc Fly out of a Baltier Douganhill Jeromino Dam. Flashy lamb 1st at Kelso show and 2011 reserve champion.
Clickham Ocean
Llyfni Phenomenal By Mellor Vale Masterpiece 1st Prize Aged Tup Cumberland Show 2011
Cambwell Roadie By Cowal Powerhouse out of a Cambwell Laird dam

 2011 Show Update

Skelton Show Results

Aged Tup      2nd  WHA09451   Llyfni Phenomenal
Shearing Tup 2nd GWH1000014
                    3rd  GWH1000026
Tup Lamb      2nd  GWH1100027 Hallrigg Spitfire
Ewe              3rd  LAF09122
Shearling Gimmer 3rd GWH100025
Ewe Lamb     3rd   GWH1100022
Group of 3     2nd


Cumberland Show

Aged Tup      1st WHA09451   Llyfni Phenomenal
Shearing Tup 2nd GWH1000014
Ewe              3rd  LAF09122

Llyfni Phenomenal By Mellor Vale Masterpiece 

Solway & Tyne Flock Competition achievements

Third Prize Small flock
          Second  Prize Ewe Lambs

2008 Second Prize Small Flock

2009 Thrid Prize Medium Flock
         Thrid Prize Ewe Lambs

1st prize Ewe at Skelton Show 2010

1st prize Shearling Tup Skelton 
Hallrigg results at Skelton show 2010

Class 226 Shearling Ram.

1st and 3rd

Class 228 Ewe to have reared lamb this year


Class 229 Gimmer Shearling.

Class 231 Group - One male and two females, any age


Penrith Show Results     2010  - Jugde  Mr J McKerrow Grougfoot

Shrearling Ram

3rd Place  Ear Number GWH09005


1st Place Ear Number LAF07122

2nd Place Ear Number MTR06134

Shearling Ewe

1st Place and Champion   ear Number GWH09028

3rd Place Ear Number GWH09030


2nd place