Sandlands Blog [updated 11/03/13] :  
Finally an update to the blog, sorry no new pics yet, time has been an issue over the last 4 weeks.

I'm not sure why but this year we have had nearly all gimmer lambs. We don't normally sell our females, prefering to select the best for flock replacements and sell the rest 'fat'. This year however about 80% of the lambs (sorry I haven't actaull done the maths) are gimmers, we can't keep them all as we don't have the space so we'll continue to send any which don't make the grade along the 'fat' route but I think we'll have a few nice gimmers to sell.

Second lambing is now underway, I'm off this week, Doug has a couple of days off but reinforcements are on their way; my daughter-in-law is comming down from Ayrshire for a couple of days at the end of the week to help out.

If you watch lambcam you will have noticed some 'foreignners' in the lambing shed; I bought 10 pedigree Lleyn gimmers from Carlisle and they are in lamb to one of our homebread texel tups Sandlands Seventeen. The first of the Lleyn's lambed a couple of nights ago and having only ever lambed texels I was amazed to be able to stand back and watch the ewe lamb herself. The only help she needed from me was to chase away the other ewes. The lambs needed no help to suckle, the first lamb was hanging on to the ewes teat even while she was giving birth to the second. I don't know if the vigor of the lambs is down to the Texel tup, the Lleyn ewe or the combination of the two. Admittedly only one of them has lambed so far so it will be interesting to see how the rest go.

We're well in to texel lambing, as ever it's not been without it's problems, lambs comming backwards, 2 together, head only etc. etc. but early indications are that we have a nice crop of lambs. Hopefully I'll get time to update again soon and add a few pictures, watch this space ...

Strathmor Sea The Stars By Mossknowe Pudsey, out of a Milnbank ewe by Tophill Joe.

Sandlands Sponge Bob

Sandlands Subaru

More pictures, these were taken 17/06/11, a group of Sandlands shearling tups then some Sandlands babies (April born tup lambs).

Ok, so it's a really rubish picture but it kind of shows how strong they are looking now. 

A group of shearling tups likely to go to the August Early Breeding Fair at Carlisle,
around about the 13th of August date tbc. These were late born lambs last year by
Garngour Pavarotti.
The next few picutres are of some of our late born tup lambs this year. 5 pictures of 3 lambs. In this picure the two lambs in the front are 2 of triplets by Garngour Pavarotti and the lamb behind them is by Sandlands Reporter, they are all April born.

Same 3 lambs again.
One of the triplets.
The other male triplet.
The Reporter lamb.

A couple of picutures of 2011 lambs taken 13th June, these are the ones that stood still for a photo.


Pic 1. Born middle of February, by Garngour Pavarotti (high index 247), Pic 2 is the same lamb from another angle.



Pic 3. Late February lamb by Sandlands Reporter(by Mitchelhill Paperazzi)  


Pic 4. In front a late February lamb by Sandlands Reporter out of a Clarks Ewe bought at select 7 sale in 2009. Behind are 2 April born triplets by Garngour Pavarotti out of an Ettrick Ewe. At the back with the red marker is a late February born gimmer lamb out of a very good female line.