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The Stelfox flock was established in 1979 with the importation of ewes from Holland with the initial idea of producing Texel tups for use in the commercial flock. The flock now numbers 60 ewes producing true to type Texel rams to be sold from home and at Premier and National sales.

2nd Prize Gimmer at Pembrokeshire county show 2010

Worcester Consignment 2010

Influential rams used within the flock over the past 31 years include

  • Manor Moron
  • Stelfox Wizardo Alderly
  • Stelfox Young John
  • Hullhouse Andorra (Owned with the Hullhouse Flock)
  • Parkhouse baron ( Shared with the Hullhouse flock)
  • Peacehay its a corker (1st prize shearling ram when purchased at English premier 2003)
  • Claybury Legend

This year’s lambs are by .. (click on the links to view the breeding on the Basco database)

Steflox Pilot 

Steflox Pilot


Peacehay It's a Corker

Peacehay it's a corker